Wednesday, June 23, 2010

all i wanna do is have some FUN!

* grow out my bangs!
* grow out my annoying rebonded hair! can't stand the half wavy top and super st8 ends ANYMORE!!!
* go for facial every once a month...AT LEAST! do not be lazy anymore!
* treat my hair and skin at least once a week.
* WEAR MY RETAINER! my teeth is moving again! sigh...:(
* apply my dermatix twice everyday.
* eat healthy!
* drink more water less tea/coffee!!!
* go on a superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr LONG holiday. just me and my bikini.
* lose weight. i dunno why but i just want to. haha!
* SAVE lots of $$$ so i can do whatever i want with it. or BEST let me strike lottery! but that's never gonna happen coz i don't bet to start with. FML!
* get my necklace ASAP!
* slap some people who deserves to be SLAP REAL HARD!
* be no longer BORED and SICK and TIRED! blah.

life does really sucks to the max sometimes. i hate to say this but its so true! anyway the truth always hurts isn't it? blah.


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