Friday, April 30, 2010

香港.春天 2010 (三)

the last of my Hong Kong trip photos. these are pictures from Zanne's camera. it's gonna be random and all so anyway i hope you guys will like it. :)

have a great weekend!!!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

mac fafi 2008

i have to post this. since we are at the topic of obsession with make up. this is another range i love. limited as well. I LOVE FAFI!!! so i have to BUY!!!

if am not wrong i bought the blusher, eye-shadow ( i don't use it at all!), bronzer (never use it too.), lip gloss, lip stick and a make up pouch. i am going to post up some pictures to refresh your memory if you don't know what i am talking about. :)

isn't it pretty? :)


i love Jill Stuart.

5 items i bought in total. :)

Loose Powder in 01 Natural. available in 4 shades.

Pure Brightening Day Care Powder SPF 15/PA++. only available in 1 shade.
according to the website it's said to be both a skincare and make up product with brightening effect, acne prevention, UV protection and multiple skincare benefits.

Fruit Lip Balm.
smells really yummy. and the packaging is too cute to resist. i know i don't even need another lip balm but still...haha.

Mix Blush Compact in 06 Fresh Apricot. available in 4 shades x 9 variations.
actually i wanted to get the powder blusher that comes in a pot (similar to the loose powder) because i prefer that packaging but it's too gittery and not too compact so i decided on this instead. plus this comes with a pretty brush too! :)

Compact Mirror.
PRETTY!!! and it's not too expensive. :)
this picture is taken off the internet because....i didn't remember to take a picture of it. haha. and its quite hard to capture a nice pic of a mirror.

this is a little obsession of mine. buying pretty cosmetics. haha. i remember when i was in London 2 years ago, i bought this limited edition Paul & Joe Disney collection handcream and lip balm and seriously i never really use them. the handcream yes like once in a while but the lip balm is still in it's box. my point is...i just love to buy even when i don't need it. they are like paintings to beautify your make up desk. haha. anyway i managed to find the pics for these 2 products. :)



pictures from a year ago. :)


香港.春天 2010 (二)

taken with B's lomo. not quite what i expected. supposed to be a colour-splash camera but i totally forgotten about the flash thus...this effect. haha.