Saturday, April 10, 2010

rainy saturday morning.

good morning! today today today is gonna be a GREAT day!!! don't really have anything on my mind at this moment which is a good thing except for which foundation brand to get? chanel or shiseido maquillage? tsk tsk. anyway, not important.

oh by the way, next week am gonna revamp my room again. the last time i did something to my room was like 2 years back. it's time! i need a bigger bed and am gonna install a wall fan as well. air con is too much of a waste of $$$. and its not good for your skin. DRY!!! wanna get all these done before i leave for Hong Kong on the 22nd. fun! fun! fun!

alrighty, gotta go. have a great weekend!!! :)


oh, i shall update you on what am gonna get from AA again. 2 more items and am done. :)

cute little ruched bras!!!


  1. BFF! Im finally droppin comments here. Nways i dont like te first lacy one (plus need i say the model looks so scary n old she makes me wanna not wear lace!) the second ones cute! loves it

  2. We might bump into each other on the 22nd at airport. I coming back from Bangkok either 22nd or 23th.