Saturday, April 17, 2010

foundation dilemma

i am in a dilemma now. i can't decide which foundation to get. well, it's either RMK or CHANEL. i want something light to medium coverage, helps to control oil around the T-zone a little, doesn't cake up easily and most importantly i don't wanna look too made up. is that too much to ask for a foundation? haha. anyway here are some of my few choices.


Fresh, silky cream texture. Adjustable coverage. Natural satiny finish. Practical and easy-to-carry refillable case.

The complexion looks naturally even, fresh and enhanced. The skin is moisturized, soft and protected. Coverage is adjustable and makeup hold is perfect.

- Natural radiance: Light-reflecting pigments even out the complexion and reveal its radiance.
- Hydration: Hydrating agents and a moisture-rich texture provide the skin with hydration.
- Extreme softness: A gentle emulsifier offers a sensation of comfort upon application.
- Protection: A vitamin derivative and a sun filter (SPF 10) protect the skin from harmful sunrays.

i don't really like this because of it's light-reflecting pigments. i tried it yesterday at the counter and it looks kinda glittery. it's the only thing that's holding me back. i love the texture though. really smooth and when i tried it on my hand, it somehow covered up the tiny fine lines without looking too dry.


Fresh, light, fluid texture. Light coverage. Natural satiny finish.

The light coverage ensures a flawless, ultra-natural complexion. The skin is moisturized, soft and protected.

- Natural radiance: Light-reflecting pigments and Lumioptic® pigments even out the complexion and conceal imperfections.
- Hydration: Hydrating agents provide the skin with hydration, comfort and suppleness.
- Extreme softness: Softening active ingredients offer a silky sensation and feel.
- Protection: A sun filter (SPF 12) protects the skin from harmful sunrays

i think this is meant for girls with really great skin which unfortunately i don't have it NOW( i used to have it thought. :(). the texture is really light and it blends like a second skin. not much coverage, it is just for evening out your skin and maybe give a little radiance. if you don't have flawless skin, i don't think this is suitable. because you might just end up piling up on your concealer just to cover up whatever you don't want others to see. and that way your makeup will look cakey. so this might be out for me too.

SPF14 PA++

This liquid-type foundation leaves the skin fresh, and spreads lightly and wears easily. Light as air, it covers fine lines with a natural finish, for supple, translucent skin. Waterproof, RMK Liquid Foundation protects against perspiration and water, and creates a beautiful, long-lasting complexion.

i have tried this before some time ago. i was given some samples. i can't really remember how it feels like. but this foundation have always been very highly recommended by makeup artist and magazines.

SPF15 PA++

With its water holding oil formula which has a great moisture retaining quality, this luxurious, creamy type foundation replenishes the skin for a radiant and lustrous finish. You will experience an exquisite balance between coverage and lucidity. Further more, the stretch powder fits your skin surface perfectly, and just-applied finish lasts for hours.

this was recommended to me by the counter girl. she said it provides better coverage and lasts longer. but the word "creamy" sounds so oily. not so sure about this but she gave me some samples so i will try it out first before i judge.

SPF27 PA++

The RMK Gel Emulsion Compact is made with a new emulsion formula which provides the extraordinary difference on the fit, glide and finish to your skin. It creates a fresh translucent veil onto the complexion, immersing your skin in moisture with the skincare ingredients such as Sugar Beet, and letting your skin glow in its flawless, natural dewy finish.

i've got samples for this as well. actually i have it on now. so far i think its ok. but maybe i applied too much that's why it looks a little cakey around the nose area when you crinkle. but it glides on very easily and no mess at all. will definitely consider this. and i like the fact that it is a compact so i don't have to worry about spilling or breaking it when i travel or bring it around. :) oh, and the SPF is so HIGH!!! love!!!

hope i will come to a conclusion soon. :) by the way am currently using SHISEIDO MAQUILLAGE LIQUID FOUNDATION. it's supposed to create hydrated and smooth skin with 3D contours. makes pores and roughness vanished for refined skin and well-defined contours.

it is actually not that bad but it makes your skin looks oily and i really don't think it can last up to 8 hours like what they claimed. and it definitely doesn't minimise your pores. but what i really like about this foundation is that it comes with a really "kawaii" case for the sponge and the pink packaging is cute too. hehe. now i have the case, i can switch to another foundation. :D

ok. have a great weekend!!! i'm going IKEA later!!! :D


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