Thursday, April 8, 2010

American Apparel obsession

hello people!!! feeling so good today. did all the stuff that am supposed to and am feeling so fresh. hehe. anyway Felix is fine!!! phew. but gotta bring him for another check up in 2 weeks time. :)

anyway, i am gonna post up these AA clothes i bought recently. alot of drama with the exchanging (due to the size and cut) and all and am so sorry to trouble my dear friends who help me with it. haha.

first 2 pieces i bought. a plain black low back leotard and a grid sleeveless leotard. :) great fit! love love!!!

love the print! so pretty right? but the fit is a lil odd though especially the sleeves. its neither cap nor sleeveless, its funny so i brought it down for alteration. :)

quite disappointed with this piece. it looks so good in the pic. deceived!!! the toga is like hanging out of my shoulder with an extra cloth coming out and the cut is HUGE even though i got it in the smallest size. so alteration again!!! :(

this zig-zag leotard is too low for my liking. :(

these 2 are the BEST! i was actually very concern about the zip. that it might keep sliding down or something but it DIDN'T! love it so much that i actually got it in white as well but its so translucent so i exchanged it for something else.

this is so adorable! :)

great fit too. n i heart the colour, sea blue! :) thinking of these 3 pieces. :)

and am gonna stop shopping for a while. too much leotard going on. its nice but going to the toilet is definitely a torture. haha.


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  1. i like the Sea-blue one!!
    Buy the strip blue and orange...Nice!!