Wednesday, April 7, 2010

death note

wondering what i'm doing on a friday night
feeling a little poetic tonight
orange never seems right
the colour that painted me black and now it's back
dunno why am i doing this and writing all these shit
its damn annoying and plain boring
where's the happiness i used to feel
where's the laughter i used to hear
she is gone!

never mind the promises, forget about the empty words
they're almost surreal
welcome to the real world where everything hurts
hold on if you want to but i chose not to
i am ending my life from this minute at the count of 3
and before you know it...
am telling you...

YOU'VE BEEN TRICKED! weeeheee!!!

just love this pic. totally no link to my poem. I KNOW! haha. anyway it's written like almost a year ago.

it's already Wednesday. how time flies! visiting my skin doctor later and going home to accompany my Felix. been having some problem with my skin lately. i dunno why. sigh...hope it will regain its original state soon. :)


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