Tuesday, April 6, 2010

pros and cons

been trying to quit smoking for a week now but you know sometimes its just not right, the timing is just not right. i am not saying that smoking is right, definitely not but at least when i light up a cigarette somehow i feel a sense of serenity. like my mind is all ready to think things properly and relax. i just don't want to force this motivation out from me so i will wanna quit. it doesn't work that way. it will come naturally, i know it because i did actually quit smoking for a year before and YES damn it i took it back. at least am not drinking now and my coffee addiction is long gone. i have already done alot and i know it. smoking eventually and finally, alright? no pressure, am taking it real slow and easy.

somehow i just love the feel of lighting up a stick in the middle of the night and just being alone and smoking. emo right? haha but it really calms you down. trust me!!! try it!!! haha.

a cool picture of a girl smoking making me feel less bad for STILL smoking. :)

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