Saturday, April 17, 2010

my belgian chocolate

there is this little habit of mine. whenever i travel, i will always try to buy their local magazines and CDs. somehow through these magazines n music. it brings back good memories and makes me miss that particular moment in my life. so when i went to Bangkok for the very first time with my bestie, Jieru in July 2006, i had no knowledge of anything Thai at all. maybe just tom yum, muay thai and all the tourist shit. haha. so i walked around trying very hard to look for a CD shop and yes i did saw some but looking at the cover of the CDs, i totally have no clue on what to get at all so i gave up. that same night, i was lying on my bed in the hotel room, watching some Thai programme then this ad came up with this really different looking girl singing in an angelic voice. she is unlike all the Thai actresses. dressing skimpily with heavy makeup. she dressed bohemian, big wavy hair, lush lush lashes and lots of accessories. :)

the very next day i went back to that CD shop at Siam Square and tried asking for that CD. but i don't even know her name and the song title. but i have the tune in my head so i decided to just hum the song to him. and i did. haha. and he actually get it. am so proud of myself after that.

she is PALMY and this is the CD i got!

and here are some of her pictures.

p/s : i will try to post up some of her songs soon. :)



  1. HAHAHAH!! u remind me of ur silly act... u hummm the tune to e salesperson! & those few night we struggle thru all e 'powerful' mtvs! thrilling la!

  2. haha. damn fun la. we went dragshow. took pictures with them "machiam" fans la. haha. the boy selling drinks around MBK. he was captured in our pic and the next year i went back, he is still working there. haha. memories!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So which song caught your attention?