Thursday, January 27, 2011

grow. go. glow.

You know how people always ask...what kinda guy do you like? what's your ideal boyfriend? on and on...and the only thing that change over the years is my answer. When i was way younger it's all about looks. Johnny Depp, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Takenouchi Yutaka, Edison Chen. (pics attached in order.)

But now if anyone were to ask me, this would most probably be my reply...

1) pleasant looking (seriously looks aren't that important to me anymore, it's just a face)

2) someone you can totally trust, without trust it's really hard to maintain a r/s, you can try to but it'll wear you out.

3) share a common hobby and i don't mean signing up for some course together and treat it as you guys have something in common.

4) someone who make you feel like you are what he ever wanted, someone who appreciate you for who you are and proud of being with you. i truly believe there is such a person for everyone out there.
i read this will only be able to love someone when u love yourself. and you will only be able to love yourself more when you feel all the positive vibes coming from your partner. you can be so happy with yourself when you are single, confident n loving yourself more then anything but sometimes when you meet a guy who doesn't make you feel the way you should be feeling because he's obsessed with certain kinda girl which in turn makes you feel unattractive, unhappy and if you are feeling that way you will not love yourself as much as you used to so how are u supposed to love him? you are not to blame, it's him. he should just go for someone he really want and be as happy as can be rather then just be with you and telling you what to do with your hair, how much weight you should put on, how you should dress blah blah blah. and you should know that there's someone out there who's looking for someone exactly like you.
it's either he's just immature and trying to make you feel insecure just so you will stick to him thinking that there will be noone else in this world who would wanna be with you or you are plainly not his type but even so if he chose to be with you maybe he can keep certain comments to himself not like you will go on n on about Johnny Depp and telling him how much you wish you'll get fuck by him because he's ang mo and his dick is gonna be huge. you don't say that right so why should a guy be telling you what kinda boobs he like what kinda whatever fuck he like, he shouldnt even say anything he should just shut the fuck up because what he truly like should be you. well it's fine to say who you like or who u think is pretty but remember to still show some respect. afterall it's a girl you are talking to. even guys can be sensitive try telling your boyfriend you think his dick is smaller then his friend. maybe then he'll understand how u feel. it's weird girls don't talk about dicks ALL the time but guys they have to talk about boobs, vaginas maybe really maybe i should just bring that dick word out more often.
ok. this point #4 is getting way too long and out of topic. haha. NEXT!

5) someone who will always tell you the truth even when it hurts because he will know how to comfort you. the kinda r/s you have with a friend but only difference is you love this person and wanna spend forever with him.

6) someone who will not do anything to hurt you because if he does maybe he doesnt't love you as much as he say he does. who in the right mind will wanna hurt someone they love? will you do anything intentionally to hurt your parents? NO right. THIS IS LOVE.

7) someone whom u can share your joy and sorrow with. of course you can share it with anyone but you will know when he's the ONE.

Anyway whatever it is. have a great day!!!


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