Tuesday, May 18, 2010

back from hell, yet to see heaven.

Just got back from Indonesia from a business trip with my boyfriend. Well...it sucks big time. I seriously don't know how i managed to pull through 3 days 2 nights. Makes me realised how lucky i am to be a Singaporean. Will post up some pics of the place i went to soon. it's Palu by the way. But fact is i really admire the people living there, despite the unbearable living condition, they are still so happy and chirpy. In fact i think they are much better then the those living in the city as in Jakarta. Less pretentious.

Anyway, been feeling not too alright for the past 1 week, my dog just went for an operation and got to go for another one in 6 weeks time or so. He's got this Perennial Hernia going on. I just hope he will recover very soon and the 2nd op will go on smoothly like the first and that he will have a speedy recovery.

Everything bad please just go away. And if anyone who wanna talk to me please just say something nice if not please kindly just shut the hell up.

That's all for now.


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