Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a war within.

i have alot in my mind. somehow i can't seem to be able to express it through words this time round. it's a weird feeling i have now. somehow i know yet i don't. things i know i should do but yet i try not to think about it. things that actually happened but am pretending it doesn't. when you look at someone/something and you dunno what to think, you dunno what to say, you just stare and suddenly its drifting further and further away from you into becoming a blurry vision. you feel like not doing anything anymore. just not think and let it go, let it be. but something annoying is stopping you and you dunno what it is. and you go into this whole damn cycle over and over again. seriously i dunno what message i am trying to convey here. i am just writing and writing. i am definitely not in a good mood. but its usually at times like this...u tend to know who truly care and love you.


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