Thursday, August 5, 2010


I have never watched a single episode of THE HILLS but recently i started noticing this HEIDI MONTAG girl. News were everywhere that she did 10 or more plastic surgery procedures in a day. So i started googling up on her and it's weird how open she is about it, exclusive interview before and after the operation. Kinda weird isn't it? I think she is doing it more for publicity but isn't it a little dumb to risk your face? I dunno why but i kinda pity her. Anyway here are some of her before, in-between and after pictures. Because apparently she had 2 surgeries done in 2007 before this major one.


2007 :

This is her after her 1st 2 surgeries. Nose Job and Breast Augmentation (C-cup). but she is also getting lip fillers here n there. i think she is already looking very pretty.

and finally...


Don't you feel sad for her? Anyway here are the 10 procedures she did.

1. breast implants increased to DDDs ( she said she wanted a "H" because her name is Heidi. OMG!)
2. a mini brow lift
3. a nose job revision
4. lipo on her stomach
5. lipo on her thighs
6. lipo on her NECK?!
7. butt augmentation
8. injection of fats from her stomach and thighs to her lips and cheeks
9. botox on her forhead
10. did something (i don't even know what's that called) on her back just so she can look curvier
11. chin reduction

So what do you guys think? Personally i think lipo are so unnecessary for her and why the fuck would you even inject fats to your cheeks? Its not like you are damn old and your face is sagging, she's only 23!!! and the mini brow lift just makes her look so much older, she resembles DONATELLA VERSACE so much now. :( She should just do her chin and that's it. The rest of her face is seriously FINE. Her boob and nose job back in 2007 are good enough. I don't get it at all. Hope she is happy with her new face though, with so much $$$ spent and pain involved she better be.

Oh before i go, this is DONATELLA VERSACE just in case some of you don't really know how she looks like.


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