Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I really really should stop shopping and i did but really what's got into me that i decided to go Hong Kong at this time. seriously stressed up. YES! money issue! omg. i have so much i need to do and all the preparation for my wedding next year is killing, i mean i love doing it but it'll be better if am loaded. aaaarrrgggg. KILL ME NOW!!!

So am going Hong Kong again this April with my B. Setting myself a budget definitely which i hate. I am already there but yet i can't spend. FML! Anyway it's alright, life isn't always about shopping, i can go to the museums, eat....point is i need a break and am having one so just SHUDDUP and have fun! haha. Although i've been to HK like twice but i don't really know my way there because i always have my dear gfs to bring me ard and i totally can't speak cantonese, can understand a lil bit though, doesnt't help at all. So now am doing a very thorough reserch on HK. :)

This is random but have you guys watched Black Swan? Please do if you have not. Really good movie. :)


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