Saturday, March 5, 2011


I did braces way back when am 17 years old and my dentist told me that once the braces are off I just need to wear my retainer 24 hours (except when eating and brushing) for 6 months and am all good. My teeth will be very stable and I just need the retainer at night to maintain. I did whatever i was told till my retainer decided to break one fine day. I dunno why but i was just too lazy to get another set and the fact that my dentist had migrated to Australia just make things worse. So I was off retainer for almost a year until i realised my teeth actually shifted. Damn pissed off so no choice i went to this dental clinic recommended by a tai tai and that freaking retainer cost me $500 excluding GST! FML. And I'm just wearing the retainer to maintain my already shifted teeth. :( I did ask the dentist then if it's possible to use retainer to shift back my teeth but she said IMPOSSIBLE! But now theres INVISALIGN! Nothing is impossible. BITCH!!!

Anyway all these while I have a tooth missing from my top set so when i did my braces, my dentist did ask if I want to have a tooth implant so I will have a perfect set of teeth but I declined the offer because 1 tooth will cost me 4k and I was just 17 then. Where to get the $$$?! So he said if I am not doing an implant, he will have to extract 1 tooth from my bottom set to make it balance and so I said go ahead. NOW i seriously regret it!!! I'll tell you why...

I am not happy with my teeth because I KNOW I have a missing tooth although noone can tell but I can. Ok I'll post a pic of Tom Cruise so you can understand better. It's the same problem am facing.

It's offside. Now you know what I'm talking about. Sigh...

So I went to this dental clinic 2 weeks ago to ask about INVISALIGN but according to the dentist INVISALIGN will not be able to fix my problem because It's only meant for slight alteration of teeth but for my case I need to have 2 teeth implants, top and bottom and in order to do that they need to create space and only braces can do that. And I think back if I did not do my braces then at least now I'll need only 1 implant. It's so expensive you know that. I can't believe a tooth implant can cost up to 6k excluding GST!!! OMG!!! And they are using the new braces called DAMON BRACES, apparently better then the traditional one and it cost 8 - 8.5k!!! And and and if your teeth are not strong enough meaning lack of bone or something they'll need to do a grafting so that your gum will be able to endure the implant n this procedure cost 2.5 - 3k!!! I can't believe this!!! 20k plus for teeth!!! I am lost! hahahahaha. I really want to fix that missing tooth, it's the reason why i even consider INVISALIGN so if am just gonna straighten my teeth and still leave my Tom Cruise teeth as it is, I totally don't see a point!

HELP!!! Anyway this is a picture of my current situation. Haha.

Me and my missing tooth, we have an issue!!!

I am sad, moody and poor!!! :(

bye bye!!!

xx (no oo today, don't feel like kissing)


  1. Hey! The dentist that told you invisalign was for mild cases only is full of crap. I have invisalign and my condition was medium severity (I would consider yours to be mild) and invisalign can treat some severe cases as well! I'm also missing a top molar (the one right before my wisdom tooth) and I don't need an implant, or another tooth opposite that one removed. If you end up with invisalign, you'll get a retainer when you're done with the braces, and that retainer will maintain the space of the missing tooth and keep your other teeth from shifting to fill the gap. My midline was off as well, cause my top teeth were slanted. My midline is still off after i was done with my first set of invisalign so I'm having refinements made this week to shift all my lower teeth to the left by a millimeter and to fix some other problems. They can do some crazy stuff with elastics too, lol. I think you should try a new dentist? You don't need to spend that much money!!! I paid 5 grand, that's it.

    This is what my teeth started out as, and where they will eventually end up. Hope this has helped!

  2. My teeth are a lot worse. I am a very tall man (6 foot 2 inches) and have 3 collapsed spinal disks, but I am still terrified of the dentists.
    Tomorrow I am going to the dentists who will put me to sleep, pull 3 wisdom teeth and fill 12 teeth! I am terrified, but it needs to be done as one of the wisdom teeth has shattered some years ago and is now causing me a lot of pain on a daily basis.
    My point is, that my teeth are overlapping. My left hand side is great, but the right hand side is totally messed up, rippling and not aligned.
    Be happy that your teeth are near perfect. No one is perfect, but you are still a whole hell of a lot better than my teeth.
    Wish me luck, I will need it! :D <=crooked smile lol

  3. I am a 36 yo male and I exactly have got same problem as you have. One tooth (incisor) congenitaly missing and a shifted midline in upper jaw. Additioanly lots of work in my lower jaw. My braces will be installed in November. Am I old for wearing braces? No... Nothing late for a better smile..

  4. Im about to get braces to fix my smile... here in Brazil... dental care is expensive, but far from the exorbitance of USA... ill pay R$ 480 Reais (BR currency) to get an really good, but the metal fix one would be for free!!! and the cost of the maintenance that includes 2 visit a month is R$ 120.

    ATM 1U$D = R$ 1,70+-

  5. i am goin through the same problem i have had my right first mollar taken out 4months ago due to me gettin braces but teeth were too crowded and now my teeth have straightned out but my two front teeth are to there right! about 2mm and they still need to move some more to fill the gap from the extraction! now i havent a clue how this can be fixed i have the traditonall braces on i wasnt informed about these damon braces which iv heard dont even need to pull teeth!!!! my dentist say she may have to pull the same tooth on the other side! but i dont want to end up with a caved in mouth as i have seen many people have! another thing is when i was 15 (9years ago) i had the bottom left second mollar out too! so now my top part of my mouth is to my right and my bottom part is to my left! yep!!!! and i dont know how this can be fixed!

  6. I have the same problem as you and many others mentioned above. Missing an incisor and with braces had the gap filled. My teeth were not looking to good at all but fortunately with veneers the look was significantly improved. I still have the midline issue and am not too sure how to resolve this issue. I am going to see a dentist once when I start working again.

  7. My midline was 4mm off due to #6 (tooth number) being pulled when I was 11 years old (it had grown in way up above in my gums like a snaggle tooth) Wish my mother would have done braces for me, but alas we were poor then. I am a 40 year old woman now and decided to go for veneers to help the midline problem. Dentist said that I could try braces, but that about 1/2 the time at my age, the bones are pretty set and there is a chance of them moving back - plus I did not want to wait for 2 more years...Anyway, With some fancy prepping my dentist was able to move it 2mm back in the right direction, so now it is only 2mm off. It's not perfect, but much better. I got 11 veneers in all and it cost $7500 (I was able to get some insurance $$ for some of them since I've had some root canals)

  8. I just recently turned 40 yo and had ceramic braces put on my teeth just over a year ago. I suffer from the same issue you do, my midline is off (noticeably) to the left. I was missing a tooth that my (former) dentist recommended having removed, since it sat behind the other teeth in the roof of my mouth due to overcrowding. I had to have a tooth pulled on the right side and they are trying to pull the teeth back, one at a time using a chain and elastics, to eventually get my midline straight. My parents did not have dental insurance when I was a child and certainly didn't have the money to pay for braces out of pocket back then. I'm happy to be doing this for me, since I can finally afford to be doing it. My smile is something I have always been selfconscious about, so I'm looking forward to gaining the confidence to smile without embarassment.

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