Thursday, March 10, 2011


Here's how to know if you are dealing with one.


The first sign that you are dealing with a hypocrite is that they are always telling you that they are honest. Just as a light bulb doesn't have to tell you what it does or what it is, honest people do not have to advertise.

Hypocrites always carry their angel wings and halo. If you catch them in a lie they always have a story, even if it doesn't make sense, as to why they didn't do, why they did...they are quite imaginative.

Hypocrites are the first to point the finger and will never accept responsibility for any mishap, mistake or error.

Lastly, hypocrites make a lot of noise. My mother used to say an empty can makes a lot of noise, it is true! Their mouth is always going, they are always running for the positive lime light and like roaches they scurry for darkness when the results for negative behaviors are being served. It is never their fault! Their intent is to deceive in an effort to present themselves in the best possible light. Their motivation is to look good at any cost. So if you have a halo, wings and a nice fluffy white robe and you are still alive... you just might be -

p/s : i did not make this up, i googled it!!! :P


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